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The textiles in this category are all hand-woven. Most are bolts of cloth, so all of my Guatemalan cortes are found here. Cortes are usually about a yard wide and can be several yards long. They are named by their village of origin and style of weaving or dyeing.

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Cotton fabric, warp ikat, 36" x 120"

Cotton fabric, warp ikat, 36" x 120"

This piece of cotton fabric was woven on a footloom in Totonicapan about 1994. It is filled with hand-dyed ikat patterns in the warp. 36" x 120".


Solola corte, weft ikat

Solola corte, weft ikat

This corte is from the Cakchiquel town of Solola, perched high in the clouds above Lake Atitlan. A corte is a skirt worn by Mayan women; wrapped...

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