Shanti Imports

About Shanti

My name is Mark Spivey and in 1989 I created Shanti Imports when I decided I only wanted to work for myself anymore. This seemed like the best way to practice right livelihood. I bring arts and crafts from Guatemala primarily, but have also bought in Mongolia, Laos, Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, Afghanistan, India, Iran and Morocco and will always strive to import from new places. Inspiration for my business came one night in 1973 at Paradiso club in Amsterdam in the form of a French hippie couple selling African trade beads. I had never seen anything outside my head that was so deliciously psychedelic. They told me how they had bought them from Tuaregs in Goulimine on the edge of the Sahara. A few months later in Morocco I had spent the last of my funds on 4 and a quarter kilos of those same beads and had to have my parents send more money so I could get home. Finally made it back to Florida and began selling them on the beach near my house and on the campus green in Gainesville. I always wanted to have a business that supported my own travel habits and allowed me to deal with people of other cultures, but it took many years before I got back around to it. Worked many interesting jobs, but none seemed to fulfill my desire. Shanti Imports practices ethical business in all lands and offers excellent customer service and support. My desire is to help handcraft traditions continue worldwide and enable the producers to enjoy a lifestyle as good as mine. Thanks for your attention and for helping me support native craftsmen wherever I go. About Shanti? Shanti means Peace and that should be a goal of all endeavors.